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This sugar scrub that i made is really good for people with dry skin.


1/2 cup of sugar or salt

Olive oil EVOO

sunflower oil about 1 tsp

Vitamin E oil- a few drops

3 tsp honey

1 jar I used a half pint jar left ocer from canning because it had a screw on lid

Fill jar half way with sugar, pour in nough olive oil to make sugar wet but not too wet, mix well, add the sunflower oil, vitamin E and the honey. I like a consistency that is wet but not too oilly, this seems to work well on my dry skin. Makes about 2 uses for whole body or multiple uses for just the hands. do not use on face, as sugar is too rough.


Base foot creme


1/8 cup olive oil

1/4 tbs bee’s wax (This is an estimate as I had to shave it off a large block)

A little distilled water

Optional a few drops of your favorite oil (mix in with olive oil before heating)


Heat olive oil and bee’s wax in microwave, checking every 20 seconds or so until bee’s wax is melted. Stir in water a few drops at a time until mixture begins to thicken. (Here I kept stiring and stiring for several minutes, because I had added too much water I had to carefully pour some out).Keep stiring until you incorporate all the water and oil together. Pour into sterile container. You might have to mix it each time you use.

Mine made a thick foot creme that works very well on dry skin. I would recomend using after a bath or shower, and putting socks on until your feet absorb all the balm.

Here is what I used:

1/4 cup canola oil

1 tsp bee’s wax

2 tsp amber honey

1 tsp cranberry juice (Iused white cranberry juice)



Heat oil and beeswax in microwave save bowl about 2 minutes, stiring until beeswax is melted. Place on potholder as bowl will be hot, mix in honey, cranberry juice, and a little distilled water. Keep stiring until mixture begins to thicken. Pour into clean container. Mixture might seperate, shake or mix before each use.