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Halloween projects

This time of year I get really into crafting and holiday plans. I’m starting my holiday baking and candy making with 3 ingredient fudge and am looking forward to making apple pies with my grandma. This might be one of the last few years that she can do thanksgiving and christmas hosting, so I want to make it as easy on her as possible. We are just waiting for her apples on her tree to ripen. There might be 3 or 4 bushels this year, it seems to go in cycles one year she might get nothing, this year its loaded.

I’m going to do that modge-podge coloring thing and make pumpkin  lanterns


Working and busy holidays

This month has been busy, i finished my semester at school with a b average, I started working with my Dad again. Painting and restoring our cousin’s house. Its starting to look nice. I’m glad to be working and have money to spend. I’ve recently discovered pinterest and its a struggle to stop pinning things and make them. I’m finishing up my holiday knitting and crochet projects, I think January will have to include a massive clean up of all my crafting stuff.

This month March 2012 I’d like to complete a few goals some are Health related some hobby, and some related to school.

  • I have a internship that I’m applying for teaching adult literacy.
  • I am currently searching for a job.
  • I’d like to open my own craft business selling patterns and products.
  • Work with dad to grow his business lots of stuff to talk with him about:

                   Make website for his construction company:

                               -Decide where it would be.

                                      >add a video of him/his crew from start to finish

                                -Make posters

                                -Advertise on Craigslist

                                X-put his business cards around town

                                -Advertise somewhere else? Paid? Free?

  • Submit by the 13th an Entry for Breaking Ground Magazine

I am a 26 year old female. I live in binghamton ny and am a student at BCC. This blog will be mainly for showcasing my art projects and art work.

My interests and hobbies include Arts and crafts, basketweaving, beading, books-both fiction and non-fiction, calligraphy, cooking, crochet, exercise, fishing, fitness, geology, health, history, knitting, jewelry making, health, nutrition, running, web design, yoga, and lots more.